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 NTagLibA namespace for all TagLib related classes and functions
 NAPEAn implementation of APE metadata
 NASFAn implementation of ASF (WMA) metadata
 NFLACAn implementation of FLAC metadata
 NID3v1An ID3v1 implementation
 NID3v2An ID3v2 implementation
 NMP4An implementation of MP4 (AAC, ALAC, ...) metadata
 NMPCAn implementation of MPC metadata
 NMPEGAn implementation of TagLib::File with MPEG (MP3) specific methods
 NOggA namespace for the classes used by Ogg-based metadata files
 NRIFFAn implementation of TagLib::File with RIFF specific methods
 NTrueAudioAn implementation of TrueAudio metadata
 NWavPackAn implementation of WavPack metadata
 CAudioPropertiesA simple, abstract interface to common audio properties
 CFileRefThis class provides a simple abstraction for creating and handling files
 CByteVectorA byte vector
 CByteVectorListA list of ByteVectors
 CByteVectorStreamIn-memory Stream class using ByteVector for its storage
 CDebugListenerAn abstraction for the listener to the debug messages
 CFileA file class with some useful methods for tag manipulation
 CFileStreamA file class with some useful methods for tag manipulation
 CIOStreamAn abstract class that provides operations on a sequence of bytes
 CListA generic, implicitly shared list
 CMapA generic, implicitly shared map
 CPropertyMapA map for format-independent <key,valuelist> tag representations
 CStringA wide string class suitable for unicode
 CStringListA list of strings