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TagLib::ID3v1 Namespace Reference

An ID3v1 implementation. More...


class  StringHandler
 An abstraction for the string to data encoding in ID3v1 tags. More...
class  Tag
 The main class in the ID3v1 implementation. More...


using GenreMap = Map< String, int >


StringList TAGLIB_EXPORT genreList ()
GenreMap TAGLIB_EXPORT genreMap ()
String TAGLIB_EXPORT genre (int index)
int TAGLIB_EXPORT genreIndex (const String &name)

Detailed Description

An ID3v1 implementation.

Typedef Documentation

◆ GenreMap

using TagLib::ID3v1::GenreMap = typedef Map<String, int>

Function Documentation

◆ genre()

String TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::ID3v1::genre ( int  index)

Returns the name of the genre at index in the ID3v1 genre list. If index is out of range – less than zero or greater than 191 – a null string will be returned.

◆ genreIndex()

int TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::ID3v1::genreIndex ( const String name)

Returns the genre index for the (case sensitive) genre name. If the genre is not in the list 255 (which signifies an unknown genre in ID3v1) will be returned.

◆ genreList()

StringList TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::ID3v1::genreList ( )

Returns the list of canonical ID3v1 genre names in the order that they are listed in the standard.

◆ genreMap()

GenreMap TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::ID3v1::genreMap ( )

A "reverse mapping" that goes from the canonical ID3v1 genre name to the respective genre number. genreMap()["Rock"] ==