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TagLib::StringList Class Reference

A list of strings. More...

#include <tstringlist.h>

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Public Member Functions

TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList (const StringList &l)
TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList (std::initializer_list< String > init)
TAGLIB_EXPORT StringListoperator= (const StringList &)
TAGLIB_EXPORT StringListoperator= (std::initializer_list< String > init)
TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList (const String &s)
TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList (const ByteVectorList &bl, String::Type t=String::Latin1)
TAGLIB_EXPORT ~StringList ()
TAGLIB_EXPORT String toString (const String &separator=" ") const
TAGLIB_EXPORT StringListappend (const String &s)
TAGLIB_EXPORT StringListappend (const StringList &l)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TagLib::List< String >
 List ()
 List (const List< String > &l)
 List (std::initializer_list< String > init)
 ~List ()
Iterator begin ()
ConstIterator begin () const
ConstIterator cbegin () const
Iterator end ()
ConstIterator end () const
ConstIterator cend () const
Iterator insert (Iterator it, const String &item)
List< String > & sortedInsert (const String &value, bool unique=false)
List< String > & append (const String &item)
List< String > & append (const List< String > &l)
List< String > & prepend (const String &item)
List< String > & prepend (const List< String > &l)
List< String > & clear ()
unsigned int size () const
bool isEmpty () const
Iterator find (const String &value)
ConstIterator find (const String &value) const
ConstIterator cfind (const String &value) const
bool contains (const String &value) const
Iterator erase (Iterator it)
const Stringfront () const
Stringfront ()
const Stringback () const
Stringback ()
void setAutoDelete (bool autoDelete)
bool autoDelete () const
Stringoperator[] (unsigned int i)
const Stringoperator[] (unsigned int i) const
List< String > & operator= (const List< String > &l)
List< String > & operator= (std::initializer_list< String > init)
void swap (List< String > &l) noexcept
bool operator== (const List< String > &l) const
bool operator!= (const List< String > &l) const
void sort ()
void sort (Compare &&comp)

Static Public Member Functions

static TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList split (const String &s, const String &pattern)

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

std::ostream TAGLIB_EXPORToperator<< (std::ostream &s, const TagLib::StringList &l)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TagLib::List< String >
void detach ()

Detailed Description

A list of strings.

This is a specialization of the List class with some convenience members for string operations.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StringList() [1/5]

TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::StringList::StringList ( )

Constructs an empty StringList.

◆ StringList() [2/5]

TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::StringList::StringList ( const StringList l)

Make a shallow, implicitly shared, copy of l. Because this is implicitly shared, this method is lightweight and suitable for pass-by-value usage.

◆ StringList() [3/5]

TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::StringList::StringList ( std::initializer_list< String init)

Construct a StringList with the contents of the braced initializer list.

◆ StringList() [4/5]

TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::StringList::StringList ( const String s)

Constructs a StringList with s as a member.

◆ StringList() [5/5]

TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::StringList::StringList ( const ByteVectorList bl,
String::Type  t = String::Latin1 

Makes a deep copy of the data in bl.

This should only be used with the 8-bit codecs Latin1 and UTF8, when used with other codecs it will simply print a warning and exit.

◆ ~StringList()

TAGLIB_EXPORT TagLib::StringList::~StringList ( )

Destroys this StringList instance.

Member Function Documentation

◆ append() [1/2]

TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList & TagLib::StringList::append ( const String s)

Appends s to the end of the list and returns a reference to the list.

◆ append() [2/2]

TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList & TagLib::StringList::append ( const StringList l)

Appends all of the values in l to the end of the list and returns a reference to the list.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList & TagLib::StringList::operator= ( const StringList )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList & TagLib::StringList::operator= ( std::initializer_list< String init)

◆ split()

static TAGLIB_EXPORT StringList TagLib::StringList::split ( const String s,
const String pattern 

Splits the String s into several strings at pattern. This will not include the pattern in the returned strings.

◆ toString()

TAGLIB_EXPORT String TagLib::StringList::toString ( const String separator = " ") const

Concatenate the list of strings into one string separated by separator.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<()

std::ostream TAGLIB_EXPORT & operator<< ( std::ostream &  s,
const TagLib::StringList l 

Send the StringList to an output stream.

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