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TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame Class Reference

ID3v2 synchronized lyrics frame. More...

#include <synchronizedlyricsframe.h>

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struct  SynchedText

Public Types

enum  TimestampFormat { Unknown = 0x00 , AbsoluteMpegFrames = 0x01 , AbsoluteMilliseconds = 0x02 }
enum  Type {
  Other = 0x00 , Lyrics = 0x01 , TextTranscription = 0x02 , Movement = 0x03 ,
  Events = 0x04 , Chord = 0x05 , Trivia = 0x06 , WebpageUrls = 0x07 ,
  ImageUrls = 0x08
using SynchedTextList = TagLib::List< SynchedText >

Public Member Functions

 SynchronizedLyricsFrame (String::Type encoding=String::Latin1)
 SynchronizedLyricsFrame (const ByteVector &data)
 ~SynchronizedLyricsFrame () override
 SynchronizedLyricsFrame (const SynchronizedLyricsFrame &)=delete
SynchronizedLyricsFrameoperator= (const SynchronizedLyricsFrame &)=delete
String toString () const override
String::Type textEncoding () const
ByteVector language () const
TimestampFormat timestampFormat () const
Type type () const
String description () const
SynchedTextList synchedText () const
void setTextEncoding (String::Type encoding)
void setLanguage (const ByteVector &languageEncoding)
void setTimestampFormat (TimestampFormat f)
void setType (Type t)
void setDescription (const String &s)
void setSynchedText (const SynchedTextList &t)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
virtual ~Frame ()
 Frame (const Frame &)=delete
Frameoperator= (const Frame &)=delete
ByteVector frameID () const
unsigned int size () const
unsigned int headerSize () const
void setData (const ByteVector &data)
virtual void setText (const String &text)
virtual String toString () const =0
virtual StringList toStringList () const
ByteVector render () const
Headerheader () const
 Header (const ByteVector &data, unsigned int version=4)
virtual ~Header ()
 Header (const Header &)=delete
Headeroperator= (const Header &)=delete
void setData (const ByteVector &data, unsigned int version=4)
ByteVector frameID () const
void setFrameID (const ByteVector &id)
unsigned int frameSize () const
void setFrameSize (unsigned int size)
unsigned int version () const
void setVersion (unsigned int version)
unsigned int size () const
bool tagAlterPreservation () const
void setTagAlterPreservation (bool preserve)
bool fileAlterPreservation () const
bool readOnly () const
bool groupingIdentity () const
bool compression () const
bool encryption () const
bool unsynchronisation () const
bool dataLengthIndicator () const
ByteVector render () const

Protected Member Functions

void parseFields (const ByteVector &data) override
ByteVector renderFields () const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
 Frame (const ByteVector &data)
 Frame (Header *h)
void setHeader (Header *h, bool deleteCurrent=true)
void parse (const ByteVector &data)
virtual void parseFields (const ByteVector &data)=0
virtual ByteVector renderFields () const =0
ByteVector fieldData (const ByteVector &frameData) const
String readStringField (const ByteVector &data, String::Type encoding, int *position=nullptr)
String::Type checkTextEncoding (const StringList &fields, String::Type encoding) const
virtual PropertyMap asProperties () const


class FrameFactory

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
static ByteVector textDelimiter (String::Type t)
static ByteVector keyToFrameID (const String &)
static String frameIDToKey (const ByteVector &)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
static const String instrumentPrefix
static const String commentPrefix
static const String lyricsPrefix
static const String urlPrefix
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
static void splitProperties (const PropertyMap &original, PropertyMap &singleFrameProperties, PropertyMap &tiplProperties, PropertyMap &tmclProperties)

Detailed Description

ID3v2 synchronized lyrics frame.

An implementation of ID3v2 synchronized lyrics.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ SynchedTextList

List of synchronized lyrics.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ TimestampFormat

Specifies the timestamp format used.


The timestamp is of unknown format.


The timestamp represents the number of MPEG frames since the beginning of the audio stream.


The timestamp represents the number of milliseconds since the beginning of the audio stream.

◆ Type

Specifies the type of text contained.


The text is some other type of text.


The text contains lyrical data.


The text contains a transcription.


The text lists the movements in the piece.


The text describes events that occur.


The text contains chord changes that occur in the music.


The text contains trivia or "pop up" information about the media.


The text contains URLs for relevant webpages.


The text contains URLs for relevant images.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SynchronizedLyricsFrame() [1/3]

TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::SynchronizedLyricsFrame ( String::Type  encoding = String::Latin1)

Construct an empty synchronized lyrics frame that will use the text encoding encoding.

◆ SynchronizedLyricsFrame() [2/3]

TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::SynchronizedLyricsFrame ( const ByteVector data)

Construct a synchronized lyrics frame based on the data in data.

◆ ~SynchronizedLyricsFrame()

TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::~SynchronizedLyricsFrame ( )

Destroys this SynchronizedLyricsFrame instance.

◆ SynchronizedLyricsFrame() [3/3]

TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::SynchronizedLyricsFrame ( const SynchronizedLyricsFrame )

Member Function Documentation

◆ description()

String TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::description ( ) const

Returns the description of this synchronized lyrics frame.

Most taggers simply ignore this value.
See also

◆ language()

ByteVector TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::language ( ) const

Returns the language encoding as a 3 byte encoding as specified by ISO-639-2.

Most taggers simply ignore this value.
See also

◆ operator=()

SynchronizedLyricsFrame & TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::operator= ( const SynchronizedLyricsFrame )

◆ parseFields()

void TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::parseFields ( const ByteVector data)

Called by parse() to parse the field data. It makes this information available through the public API. This must be overridden by the subclasses.

Implements TagLib::ID3v2::Frame.

◆ renderFields()

ByteVector TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::renderFields ( ) const

Render the field data back to a binary format in a ByteVector. This must be overridden by subclasses.

Implements TagLib::ID3v2::Frame.

◆ setDescription()

void TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::setDescription ( const String s)

Sets the description of the synchronized lyrics frame to s.

See also

◆ setLanguage()

void TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::setLanguage ( const ByteVector languageEncoding)

Set the language using the 3 byte language code from ISO-639-2 to languageEncoding.

See also

◆ setSynchedText()

void TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::setSynchedText ( const SynchedTextList t)

Sets the text with the time stamps.

See also

◆ setTextEncoding()

void TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::setTextEncoding ( String::Type  encoding)

Sets the text encoding to be used when rendering this frame to encoding.

See also

◆ setTimestampFormat()

void TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::setTimestampFormat ( TimestampFormat  f)

Set the timestamp format.

See also

◆ setType()

void TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::setType ( Type  t)

Set the type of text contained.

See also

◆ synchedText()

SynchedTextList TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::synchedText ( ) const

Returns the text with the time stamps.

◆ textEncoding()

String::Type TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::textEncoding ( ) const

Returns the text encoding that will be used in rendering this frame. This defaults to the type that was either specified in the constructor or read from the frame when parsed.

See also

◆ timestampFormat()

TimestampFormat TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::timestampFormat ( ) const

Returns the timestamp format.

◆ toString()

String TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::toString ( ) const

Returns the description of this synchronized lyrics frame.

See also

Implements TagLib::ID3v2::Frame.

◆ type()

Type TagLib::ID3v2::SynchronizedLyricsFrame::type ( ) const

Returns the type of text contained.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ FrameFactory

friend class FrameFactory

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