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A simple, abstract interface to common audio properties. More...

#include <audioproperties.h>

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Public Types

enum  ReadStyle { Fast , Average , Accurate }

Public Member Functions

virtual ~AudioProperties ()
virtual int length () const =0
int lengthInSeconds () const
int lengthInMilliseconds () const
virtual int bitrate () const =0
virtual int sampleRate () const =0
virtual int channels () const =0

Protected Member Functions

 AudioProperties (ReadStyle style)

Detailed Description

A simple, abstract interface to common audio properties.

The values here are common to most audio formats. For more specific, codec dependent values, please see see the subclasses APIs. This is meant to compliment the TagLib::File and TagLib::Tag APIs in providing a simple interface that is sufficient for most applications.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ReadStyle

Reading audio properties from a file can sometimes be very time consuming and for the most accurate results can often involve reading the entire file. Because in many situations speed is critical or the accuracy of the values is not particularly important this allows the level of desired accuracy to be set.


Read as little of the file as possible.


Read more of the file and make better values guesses.


Read as much of the file as needed to report accurate values.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~AudioProperties()

virtual TagLib::AudioProperties::~AudioProperties ( )

Destroys this AudioProperties instance.

◆ AudioProperties()

TagLib::AudioProperties::AudioProperties ( ReadStyle  style)

Construct an audio properties instance. This is protected as this class should not be instantiated directly, but should be instantiated via its subclasses and can be fetched from the FileRef or File APIs.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ bitrate()

virtual int TagLib::AudioProperties::bitrate ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ channels()

◆ length()

◆ lengthInMilliseconds()

int TagLib::AudioProperties::lengthInMilliseconds ( ) const

Returns the length of the file in milliseconds.

See also

◆ lengthInSeconds()

int TagLib::AudioProperties::lengthInSeconds ( ) const

Returns the length of the file in seconds. The length is rounded down to the nearest whole second.

See also

◆ sampleRate()

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