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TagLib::ASF::Attribute Class Reference

Attribute of ASF (WMA) metadata. More...

#include <asfattribute.h>

Public Types

enum  AttributeTypes {
  UnicodeType = 0 , BytesType = 1 , BoolType = 2 , DWordType = 3 ,
  QWordType = 4 , WordType = 5 , GuidType = 6

Public Member Functions

 Attribute ()
 Attribute (const String &value)
 Attribute (const ByteVector &value)
 Attribute (const Picture &value)
 Attribute (unsigned int value)
 Attribute (unsigned long long value)
 Attribute (unsigned short value)
 Attribute (bool value)
 Attribute (const Attribute &other)
Attributeoperator= (const Attribute &other)
void swap (Attribute &other) noexcept
 ~Attribute ()
AttributeTypes type () const
unsigned short toBool () const
unsigned short toUShort () const
unsigned int toUInt () const
unsigned long long toULongLong () const
String toString () const
ByteVector toByteVector () const
Picture toPicture () const
int language () const
void setLanguage (int value)
int stream () const
void setStream (int value)
int dataSize () const
 Returns the size of the stored data. More...


class File

Detailed Description

Attribute of ASF (WMA) metadata.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ AttributeTypes

Enum of types an Attribute can have.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Attribute() [1/9]

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::Attribute ( )

Constructs an empty attribute.

◆ Attribute() [2/9]

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::Attribute ( const String value)

Constructs an attribute with key and a UnicodeType value.

◆ Attribute() [3/9]

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::Attribute ( const ByteVector value)

Constructs an attribute with key and a BytesType value.

◆ Attribute() [4/9]

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::Attribute ( const Picture value)

Constructs an attribute with key and a Picture value.

This attribute is compatible with the ID3 frame, APIC. The ID3 specification for the APIC frame stipulates that, while there may be any number of APIC frames associated with a file, only one may be of type 1 and only one may be of type 2.

The specification also states that the description of the picture can be no longer than 64 characters, but can be empty. WM/Picture attributes added with TagLib::ASF are not automatically validated to conform to ID3 specifications. You must add code in your application to perform validations if you want to maintain complete compatibility with ID3.

◆ Attribute() [5/9]

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::Attribute ( unsigned int  value)

Constructs an attribute with key and a DWordType value.

◆ Attribute() [6/9]

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::Attribute ( unsigned long long  value)

Constructs an attribute with key and a QWordType value.

◆ Attribute() [7/9]

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::Attribute ( unsigned short  value)

Constructs an attribute with key and a WordType value.

◆ Attribute() [8/9]

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::Attribute ( bool  value)

Constructs an attribute with key and a BoolType value.

◆ Attribute() [9/9]

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::Attribute ( const Attribute other)

Construct an attribute as a copy of other.

◆ ~Attribute()

TagLib::ASF::Attribute::~Attribute ( )

Destroys the attribute.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dataSize()

int TagLib::ASF::Attribute::dataSize ( ) const

Returns the size of the stored data.

◆ language()

int TagLib::ASF::Attribute::language ( ) const

Returns the language number, or 0 is no stream number was set.

◆ operator=()

Attribute & TagLib::ASF::Attribute::operator= ( const Attribute other)

Copies the contents of other into this item.

◆ setLanguage()

void TagLib::ASF::Attribute::setLanguage ( int  value)

Sets the language number.

◆ setStream()

void TagLib::ASF::Attribute::setStream ( int  value)

Sets the stream number.

◆ stream()

int TagLib::ASF::Attribute::stream ( ) const

Returns the stream number, or 0 is no stream number was set.

◆ swap()

void TagLib::ASF::Attribute::swap ( Attribute other)

Exchanges the content of the Attribute with the content of other.

◆ toBool()

unsigned short TagLib::ASF::Attribute::toBool ( ) const

Returns the BoolType value.

◆ toByteVector()

ByteVector TagLib::ASF::Attribute::toByteVector ( ) const

Returns the BytesType value.

◆ toPicture()

Picture TagLib::ASF::Attribute::toPicture ( ) const

Returns the Picture value.

◆ toString()

String TagLib::ASF::Attribute::toString ( ) const

Returns the UnicodeType value.

◆ toUInt()

unsigned int TagLib::ASF::Attribute::toUInt ( ) const

Returns the DWordType value.

◆ toULongLong()

unsigned long long TagLib::ASF::Attribute::toULongLong ( ) const

Returns the QWordType value.

◆ toUShort()

unsigned short TagLib::ASF::Attribute::toUShort ( ) const

Returns the WordType value.

◆ type()

AttributeTypes TagLib::ASF::Attribute::type ( ) const

Returns the type of the value.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ File

friend class File

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