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TagLib::FLAC Namespace Reference

An implementation of FLAC metadata. More...


class  File
 An implementation of TagLib::File with FLAC specific methods. More...
class  MetadataBlock
 FLAC metadata block. More...
class  Picture
 FLAC picture. More...
class  Properties
 An implementation of audio property reading for FLAC. More...
class  UnknownMetadataBlock
 Unknown FLAC metadata block. More...


using PictureList = List< Picture >

Detailed Description

An implementation of FLAC metadata.

This is an implementation of FLAC metadata for non-Ogg FLAC files. At some point when Ogg / FLAC is more common there will be a similar implementation under the Ogg hierarchy.

This supports ID3v1, ID3v2 and Xiph style comments as well as reading stream properties from the file.

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