TagLib::FLAC::Picture Class Reference

#include <flacpicture.h>

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Public Types

enum  Type {
  Other = 0x00 , FileIcon = 0x01 , OtherFileIcon = 0x02 , FrontCover = 0x03 ,
  BackCover = 0x04 , LeafletPage = 0x05 , Media = 0x06 , LeadArtist = 0x07 ,
  Artist = 0x08 , Conductor = 0x09 , Band = 0x0A , Composer = 0x0B ,
  Lyricist = 0x0C , RecordingLocation = 0x0D , DuringRecording = 0x0E , DuringPerformance = 0x0F ,
  MovieScreenCapture = 0x10 , ColouredFish = 0x11 , Illustration = 0x12 , BandLogo = 0x13 ,
  PublisherLogo = 0x14
- Public Types inherited from TagLib::FLAC::MetadataBlock
enum  BlockType {
  StreamInfo = 0 , Padding , Application , SeekTable ,
  VorbisComment , CueSheet , Picture

Public Member Functions

 Picture ()
 Picture (const ByteVector &data)
 ~Picture ()
Type type () const
void setType (Type type)
String mimeType () const
void setMimeType (const String &m)
String description () const
void setDescription (const String &desc)
int width () const
void setWidth (int w)
int height () const
void setHeight (int h)
int colorDepth () const
void setColorDepth (int depth)
int numColors () const
void setNumColors (int numColors)
ByteVector data () const
void setData (const ByteVector &data)
int code () const
ByteVector render () const
bool parse (const ByteVector &rawData)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TagLib::FLAC::MetadataBlock
 MetadataBlock ()
virtual ~MetadataBlock ()

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Type

This describes the function or content of the picture.


A type not enumerated below.


32x32 PNG image that should be used as the file icon


File icon of a different size or format.


Front cover image of the album.


Back cover image of the album.


Inside leaflet page of the album.


Image from the album itself.


Picture of the lead artist or soloist.


Picture of the artist or performer.


Picture of the conductor.


Picture of the band or orchestra.


Picture of the composer.


Picture of the lyricist or text writer.


Picture of the recording location or studio.


Picture of the artists during recording.


Picture of the artists during performance.


Picture from a movie or video related to the track.


Picture of a large, coloured fish.


Illustration related to the track.


Logo of the band or performer.


Logo of the publisher (record company)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Picture() [1/2]

TagLib::FLAC::Picture::Picture ( )

◆ Picture() [2/2]

TagLib::FLAC::Picture::Picture ( const ByteVector data)

◆ ~Picture()

TagLib::FLAC::Picture::~Picture ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ code()

int TagLib::FLAC::Picture::code ( ) const

Returns the FLAC metadata block type.

Implements TagLib::FLAC::MetadataBlock.

◆ colorDepth()

int TagLib::FLAC::Picture::colorDepth ( ) const

Returns the color depth (in bits-per-pixel) of the image.

◆ data()

ByteVector TagLib::FLAC::Picture::data ( ) const

Returns the image data.

◆ description()

String TagLib::FLAC::Picture::description ( ) const

Returns a text description of the image.

◆ height()

int TagLib::FLAC::Picture::height ( ) const

Returns the height of the image.

◆ mimeType()

String TagLib::FLAC::Picture::mimeType ( ) const

Returns the mime type of the image. This should in most cases be "image/png" or "image/jpeg".

◆ numColors()

int TagLib::FLAC::Picture::numColors ( ) const

Returns the number of colors used on the image..

◆ parse()

bool TagLib::FLAC::Picture::parse ( const ByteVector rawData)

Parse the picture data in the FLAC picture block format.

◆ render()

ByteVector TagLib::FLAC::Picture::render ( ) const

Render the content to the FLAC picture block format.

Implements TagLib::FLAC::MetadataBlock.

◆ setColorDepth()

void TagLib::FLAC::Picture::setColorDepth ( int  depth)

Sets the color depth (in bits-per-pixel) of the image.

◆ setData()

void TagLib::FLAC::Picture::setData ( const ByteVector data)

Sets the image data.

◆ setDescription()

void TagLib::FLAC::Picture::setDescription ( const String desc)

Sets a textual description of the image to desc.

◆ setHeight()

void TagLib::FLAC::Picture::setHeight ( int  h)

Sets the height of the image.

◆ setMimeType()

void TagLib::FLAC::Picture::setMimeType ( const String m)

Sets the mime type of the image. This should in most cases be "image/png" or "image/jpeg".

◆ setNumColors()

void TagLib::FLAC::Picture::setNumColors ( int  numColors)

Sets the number of colors used on the image (for indexed images).

◆ setType()

void TagLib::FLAC::Picture::setType ( Type  type)

Sets the type of the image.

◆ setWidth()

void TagLib::FLAC::Picture::setWidth ( int  w)

Sets the width of the image.

◆ type()

Type TagLib::FLAC::Picture::type ( ) const

Returns the type of the image.

◆ width()

int TagLib::FLAC::Picture::width ( ) const

Returns the width of the image.

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