TagLib Namespace Reference

A namespace for all TagLib related classes and functions. More...


 An implementation of APE metadata.
 An implementation of ASF (WMA) metadata.
 An implementation of FLAC metadata.
 An ID3v1 implementation.
 An ID3v2 implementation.
 An implementation of MP4 (AAC, ALAC, ...) metadata.
 An implementation of MPC metadata.
 An implementation of TagLib::File with MPEG (MP3) specific methods.
 A namespace for the classes used by Ogg-based metadata files.
 An implementation of TagLib::File with RIFF specific methods.
 An implementation of TrueAudio metadata.
 An implementation of WavPack metadata.


class  AudioProperties
 A simple, abstract interface to common audio properties. More...
class  ByteVector
 A byte vector. More...
class  ByteVectorList
 A list of ByteVectors. More...
class  ByteVectorStream
 In-memory Stream class using ByteVector for its storage. More...
class  DebugListener
 An abstraction for the listener to the debug messages. More...
class  File
 A file class with some useful methods for tag manipulation. More...
class  FileRef
 This class provides a simple abstraction for creating and handling files. More...
class  FileStream
 A file class with some useful methods for tag manipulation. More...
class  IOStream
 An abstract class that provides operations on a sequence of bytes. More...
class  List
 A generic, implicitly shared list. More...
class  Map
 A generic, implicitly shared map. More...
class  PropertyMap
 A map for format-independent <key,valuelist> tag representations. More...
class  String
 A wide string class suitable for unicode. More...
class  StringList
 A list of strings. More...
class  Tag


typedef wchar_t wchar
typedef unsigned char uchar
typedef unsigned short ushort
typedef unsigned int uint
typedef unsigned long ulong
typedef unsigned long long ulonglong
typedef std::basic_string
< wchar_t > 
typedef const char * FileName
typedef Map< String, StringListSimplePropertyMap


TAGLIB_EXPORT void setDebugListener (DebugListener *listener)

Detailed Description

A namespace for all TagLib related classes and functions.

This namespace contains everything in TagLib. For projects working with TagLib extensively it may be convenient to add a

using namespace TagLib;

Typedef Documentation

typedef const char* TagLib::FileName
typedef unsigned char TagLib::uchar
typedef unsigned int TagLib::uint
typedef unsigned long TagLib::ulong
typedef unsigned long long TagLib::ulonglong
typedef unsigned short TagLib::ushort
typedef wchar_t TagLib::wchar
typedef std::basic_string<wchar_t> TagLib::wstring

Unfortunately std::wstring isn't defined on some systems, (i.e. GCC < 3) so I'm providing something here that should be constant.

Function Documentation

TAGLIB_EXPORT void TagLib::setDebugListener ( DebugListener *  listener)

Sets the listener that decides how the debug messages are redirected. If the parameter listener is null, the previous listener is released and default stderr listener is restored.

The caller is responsible for deleting the previous listener as needed after it is released.
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