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TagLib::ID3v2::Header Class Reference

An implementation of ID3v2 headers. More...

#include <id3v2header.h>

Inheritance diagram for TagLib::ID3v2::Header:

Public Member Functions

 Header ()
 Header (const ByteVector &data)
 ~Header ()
 Header (const Header &)=delete
Headeroperator= (const Header &)=delete
unsigned int majorVersion () const
void setMajorVersion (unsigned int version)
unsigned int revisionNumber () const
bool unsynchronisation () const
bool extendedHeader () const
bool experimentalIndicator () const
bool footerPresent () const
unsigned int tagSize () const
unsigned int completeTagSize () const
void setTagSize (unsigned int s)
void setData (const ByteVector &data)
ByteVector render () const

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned int size ()
static ByteVector fileIdentifier ()

Protected Member Functions

void parse (const ByteVector &data)

Detailed Description

An implementation of ID3v2 headers.

This class implements ID3v2 headers. It attempts to follow, both semantically and programmatically, the structure specified in the ID3v2 standard. The API is based on the properties of ID3v2 headers specified there. If any of the terms used in this documentation are unclear please check the specification in the linked section. (id3v2.4.0-structure.txt, 3.1)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Header() [1/3]

TagLib::ID3v2::Header::Header ( )

Constructs an empty ID3v2 header.

◆ Header() [2/3]

TagLib::ID3v2::Header::Header ( const ByteVector data)

Constructs an ID3v2 header based on data. parse() is called immediately.

◆ ~Header()

TagLib::ID3v2::Header::~Header ( )

Destroys the header.

◆ Header() [3/3]

TagLib::ID3v2::Header::Header ( const Header )

Member Function Documentation

◆ completeTagSize()

unsigned int TagLib::ID3v2::Header::completeTagSize ( ) const

Returns the tag size, including the header and, if present, the footer size.

See also

◆ experimentalIndicator()

bool TagLib::ID3v2::Header::experimentalIndicator ( ) const

Returns true if the experimental indicator flag is set.

◆ extendedHeader()

bool TagLib::ID3v2::Header::extendedHeader ( ) const

Returns true if an extended header is present in the tag.

◆ fileIdentifier()

static ByteVector TagLib::ID3v2::Header::fileIdentifier ( )

Returns the string used to identify an ID3v2 tag inside of a file. Presently this is always "ID3".

◆ footerPresent()

bool TagLib::ID3v2::Header::footerPresent ( ) const

Returns true if a footer is present in the tag.

◆ majorVersion()

unsigned int TagLib::ID3v2::Header::majorVersion ( ) const

Returns the major version number. (Note: This is the 4, not the 2 in ID3v2.4.0. The 2 is implied.)

◆ operator=()

Header & TagLib::ID3v2::Header::operator= ( const Header )

◆ parse()

void TagLib::ID3v2::Header::parse ( const ByteVector data)

Called by setData() to parse the header data. It makes this information available through the public API.

◆ render()

ByteVector TagLib::ID3v2::Header::render ( ) const

Renders the Header back to binary format.

◆ revisionNumber()

unsigned int TagLib::ID3v2::Header::revisionNumber ( ) const

Returns the revision number. (Note: This is the 0, not the 4 in ID3v2.4.0. The 2 is implied.)

◆ setData()

void TagLib::ID3v2::Header::setData ( const ByteVector data)

Sets the data that will be used as the header. 10 bytes, starting from the beginning of data are used.

◆ setMajorVersion()

void TagLib::ID3v2::Header::setMajorVersion ( unsigned int  version)

Set the major version number to version. (Note: This is the 4, not the 2 in ID3v2.4.0. The 2 is implied.)

See also
This is used by the internal parser; this will not change the version which is written and in general should not be called by API users.

◆ setTagSize()

void TagLib::ID3v2::Header::setTagSize ( unsigned int  s)

Set the tag size to s.

See also

◆ size()

static unsigned int TagLib::ID3v2::Header::size ( )

Returns the size of the header. Presently this is always 10 bytes.

◆ tagSize()

unsigned int TagLib::ID3v2::Header::tagSize ( ) const

Returns the tag size in bytes. This is the size of the frame content. The size of the entire tag will be this plus the header size (10 bytes) and, if present, the footer size (potentially another 10 bytes).

This is the value as read from the header to which TagLib attempts to provide an API to; it was not a design decision on the part of TagLib to not include the mentioned portions of the tag in the size.
See also

◆ unsynchronisation()

bool TagLib::ID3v2::Header::unsynchronisation ( ) const

Returns true if unsynchronisation has been applied to all frames.

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