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TagLib::APE Namespace Reference

An implementation of APE metadata. More...


class  File
 An implementation of TagLib::File with APE specific methods. More...
class  Footer
 An implementation of APE footers. More...
class  Item
 An implementation of APE-items. More...
class  Properties
 An implementation of audio property reading for APE. More...
class  Tag
 An APE tag implementation. More...


using ItemListMap = Map< const String, Item >

Detailed Description

An implementation of APE metadata.

An implementation of the APE tagging format.

This is an implementation of APE metadata.

This supports ID3v1 and APE (v1 and v2) style comments as well as reading stream properties from the file.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ItemListMap

using TagLib::APE::ItemListMap = typedef Map<const String, Item>

A mapping between a list of item names, or keys, and the associated item.

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