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TagLib::APE::Item Class Reference

An implementation of APE-items. More...

#include <apeitem.h>

Public Types

enum  ItemTypes { Text = 0 , Binary = 1 , Locator = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 Item ()
 Item (const String &key, const StringList &values)
 Item (const String &key, const ByteVector &value, bool binary)
 Item (const Item &item)
 ~Item ()
Itemoperator= (const Item &item)
void swap (Item &item) noexcept
String key () const
ByteVector binaryData () const
void setBinaryData (const ByteVector &value)
void setKey (const String &key)
void setValue (const String &value)
void setValues (const StringList &values)
void appendValue (const String &value)
void appendValues (const StringList &values)
int size () const
String toString () const
StringList values () const
ByteVector render () const
void parse (const ByteVector &data)
void setReadOnly (bool readOnly)
bool isReadOnly () const
void setType (ItemTypes val)
ItemTypes type () const
bool isEmpty () const

Detailed Description

An implementation of APE-items.

This class provides the features of items in the APEv2 standard.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ItemTypes

Enum of types an Item can have. The value of 3 is reserved.


Item contains text information coded in UTF-8.


Item contains binary information.


Item is a locator of external stored information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Item() [1/4]

TagLib::APE::Item::Item ( )

Constructs an empty item.

◆ Item() [2/4]

TagLib::APE::Item::Item ( const String key,
const StringList values 

Constructs a text item with key and values.

◆ Item() [3/4]

TagLib::APE::Item::Item ( const String key,
const ByteVector value,
bool  binary 

Constructs an item with key and value. If binary is true a Binary item will be created, otherwise value will be interpreted as text

◆ Item() [4/4]

TagLib::APE::Item::Item ( const Item item)

Construct an item as a copy of item.

◆ ~Item()

TagLib::APE::Item::~Item ( )

Destroys the item.

Member Function Documentation

◆ appendValue()

void TagLib::APE::Item::appendValue ( const String value)

Appends value to create (or extend) the current list of text values.

See also

◆ appendValues()

void TagLib::APE::Item::appendValues ( const StringList values)

Appends values to extend the current list of text values.

See also

◆ binaryData()

ByteVector TagLib::APE::Item::binaryData ( ) const

Returns the binary value. If the item type is not Binary, always returns an empty ByteVector.

◆ isEmpty()

bool TagLib::APE::Item::isEmpty ( ) const

Returns false if the item has any real content.

◆ isReadOnly()

bool TagLib::APE::Item::isReadOnly ( ) const

Return true if the item is read-only.

◆ key()

String TagLib::APE::Item::key ( ) const

Returns the key.

◆ operator=()

Item & TagLib::APE::Item::operator= ( const Item item)

Copies the contents of item into this item.

◆ parse()

void TagLib::APE::Item::parse ( const ByteVector data)

Parse the item from the ByteVector data.

◆ render()

ByteVector TagLib::APE::Item::render ( ) const

Render the item to a ByteVector.

◆ setBinaryData()

void TagLib::APE::Item::setBinaryData ( const ByteVector value)

Set the binary value to value The item's type will also be set to Binary

◆ setKey()

void TagLib::APE::Item::setKey ( const String key)

Sets the key for the item to key.

◆ setReadOnly()

void TagLib::APE::Item::setReadOnly ( bool  readOnly)

Set the item to read-only.

◆ setType()

void TagLib::APE::Item::setType ( ItemTypes  val)

Sets the type of the item to val.

See also

◆ setValue()

void TagLib::APE::Item::setValue ( const String value)

Sets the text value of the item to value and clears any previous contents.

See also

◆ setValues()

void TagLib::APE::Item::setValues ( const StringList values)

Sets the text value of the item to the list of values in value and clears any previous contents.

See also

◆ size()

int TagLib::APE::Item::size ( ) const

Returns the size of the full item.

◆ swap()

void TagLib::APE::Item::swap ( Item item)

Exchanges the content of this item with the content of item.

◆ toString()

String TagLib::APE::Item::toString ( ) const

Returns the value as a single string. In case of multiple strings, the first is returned. If the data type is not Text, always returns an empty String.

◆ type()

ItemTypes TagLib::APE::Item::type ( ) const

Returns the type of the item.

◆ values()

StringList TagLib::APE::Item::values ( ) const

Returns the list of text values. If the data type is not Text, always returns an empty StringList.

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