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TagLib::MPEG::Properties Class Reference

An implementation of audio property reading for MP3. More...

#include <mpegproperties.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Properties (File *file, ReadStyle style=Average)
 ~Properties () override
 Properties (const Properties &)=delete
Propertiesoperator= (const Properties &)=delete
int lengthInMilliseconds () const override
int bitrate () const override
int sampleRate () const override
int channels () const override
const XingHeaderxingHeader () const
Header::Version version () const
int layer () const
bool protectionEnabled () const
Header::ChannelMode channelMode () const
Header::ChannelConfiguration channelConfiguration () const
bool isADTS () const
bool isCopyrighted () const
bool isOriginal () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TagLib::AudioProperties
virtual ~AudioProperties ()
 AudioProperties (const AudioProperties &)=delete
AudioPropertiesoperator= (const AudioProperties &)=delete
virtual TAGLIB_DEPRECATED int length () const
virtual int lengthInSeconds () const
virtual int lengthInMilliseconds () const
virtual int bitrate () const
virtual int sampleRate () const
virtual int channels () const =0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TagLib::AudioProperties
enum  ReadStyle { Fast , Average , Accurate }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TagLib::AudioProperties
 AudioProperties (ReadStyle style)

Detailed Description

An implementation of audio property reading for MP3.

This reads the data from an MPEG Layer III stream found in the AudioProperties API.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Properties() [1/2]

TagLib::MPEG::Properties::Properties ( File file,
ReadStyle  style = Average 

Create an instance of MPEG::Properties with the data read from the MPEG::File file.

◆ ~Properties()

TagLib::MPEG::Properties::~Properties ( )

Destroys this MPEG Properties instance.

◆ Properties() [2/2]

TagLib::MPEG::Properties::Properties ( const Properties )

Member Function Documentation

◆ bitrate()

int TagLib::MPEG::Properties::bitrate ( ) const

Returns the average bit rate of the file in kb/s.

Reimplemented from TagLib::AudioProperties.

◆ channelConfiguration()

Header::ChannelConfiguration TagLib::MPEG::Properties::channelConfiguration ( ) const

Returns the MPEG-4 channel configuration.

◆ channelMode()

Header::ChannelMode TagLib::MPEG::Properties::channelMode ( ) const

Returns the channel mode for this frame.

◆ channels()

int TagLib::MPEG::Properties::channels ( ) const

Returns the number of audio channels.

Implements TagLib::AudioProperties.

◆ isADTS()

bool TagLib::MPEG::Properties::isADTS ( ) const

Returns true for an Audio Data Transport Stream (ADTS), usually AAC.

◆ isCopyrighted()

bool TagLib::MPEG::Properties::isCopyrighted ( ) const

Returns true if the copyrighted bit is set.

◆ isOriginal()

bool TagLib::MPEG::Properties::isOriginal ( ) const

Returns true if the "original" bit is set.

◆ layer()

int TagLib::MPEG::Properties::layer ( ) const

Returns the layer version. This will be between the values 1-3.

◆ lengthInMilliseconds()

int TagLib::MPEG::Properties::lengthInMilliseconds ( ) const

Returns the length of the file in milliseconds.

See also

Reimplemented from TagLib::AudioProperties.

◆ operator=()

Properties & TagLib::MPEG::Properties::operator= ( const Properties )

◆ protectionEnabled()

bool TagLib::MPEG::Properties::protectionEnabled ( ) const

Returns true if the MPEG protection bit is enabled.

◆ sampleRate()

int TagLib::MPEG::Properties::sampleRate ( ) const

Returns the sample rate in Hz.

Reimplemented from TagLib::AudioProperties.

◆ version()

Header::Version TagLib::MPEG::Properties::version ( ) const

Returns the MPEG Version of the file.

◆ xingHeader()

const XingHeader * TagLib::MPEG::Properties::xingHeader ( ) const

Returns a pointer to the Xing/VBRI header if one exists or null if no Xing/VBRI header was found.

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