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TagLib::ID3v1::StringHandler Class Reference

An abstraction for the string to data encoding in ID3v1 tags. More...

#include <id3v1tag.h>

Public Member Functions

 StringHandler ()
virtual ~StringHandler ()
 StringHandler (const StringHandler &)=delete
StringHandleroperator= (const StringHandler &)=delete
virtual String parse (const ByteVector &data) const
virtual ByteVector render (const String &s) const

Detailed Description

An abstraction for the string to data encoding in ID3v1 tags.

ID3v1 should in theory always contain ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) data. In practice it does not. TagLib by default only supports ISO-8859-1 data in ID3v1 tags.

However by subclassing this class and reimplementing parse() and render() and setting your reimplementation as the default with ID3v1::Tag::setStringHandler() you can define how you would like these transformations to be done.

It is advisable not to write non-ISO-8859-1 data to ID3v1 tags. Please consider disabling the writing of ID3v1 tags in the case that the data is not ISO-8859-1.
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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StringHandler() [1/2]

TagLib::ID3v1::StringHandler::StringHandler ( )

◆ ~StringHandler()

virtual TagLib::ID3v1::StringHandler::~StringHandler ( )

◆ StringHandler() [2/2]

TagLib::ID3v1::StringHandler::StringHandler ( const StringHandler )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

StringHandler & TagLib::ID3v1::StringHandler::operator= ( const StringHandler )

◆ parse()

virtual String TagLib::ID3v1::StringHandler::parse ( const ByteVector data) const

Decode a string from data. The default implementation assumes that data is an ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) character array.

◆ render()

virtual ByteVector TagLib::ID3v1::StringHandler::render ( const String s) const

Encode a ByteVector with the data from s. The default implementation assumes that s is an ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) string. If the string is does not conform to ISO-8859-1, no value is written.

It is recommended that you not override this method, but instead do not write an ID3v1 tag in the case that the data is not ISO-8859-1.

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