TagLib::MP4::Item Class Reference

#include <mp4item.h>


struct  IntPair

Public Member Functions

 Item ()
 Item (const Item &item)
Itemoperator= (const Item &item)
void swap (Item &item)
 ~Item ()
 Item (int value)
 Item (unsigned char value)
 Item (unsigned int value)
 Item (long long value)
 Item (bool value)
 Item (int first, int second)
 Item (const StringList &value)
 Item (const ByteVectorList &value)
 Item (const CoverArtList &value)
void setAtomDataType (AtomDataType type)
AtomDataType atomDataType () const
int toInt () const
unsigned char toByte () const
unsigned int toUInt () const
long long toLongLong () const
bool toBool () const
IntPair toIntPair () const
StringList toStringList () const
ByteVectorList toByteVectorList () const
CoverArtList toCoverArtList () const
bool isValid () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( )
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( const Item item)
TagLib::MP4::Item::~Item ( )
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( int  value)
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( unsigned char  value)
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( unsigned int  value)
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( long long  value)
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( bool  value)
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( int  first,
int  second 
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( const StringList value)
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( const ByteVectorList value)
TagLib::MP4::Item::Item ( const CoverArtList value)

Member Function Documentation

AtomDataType TagLib::MP4::Item::atomDataType ( ) const
bool TagLib::MP4::Item::isValid ( ) const
Item& TagLib::MP4::Item::operator= ( const Item item)

Copies the contents of item into this Item.

void TagLib::MP4::Item::setAtomDataType ( AtomDataType  type)
void TagLib::MP4::Item::swap ( Item item)

Exchanges the content of the Item by the content of item.

bool TagLib::MP4::Item::toBool ( ) const
unsigned char TagLib::MP4::Item::toByte ( ) const
ByteVectorList TagLib::MP4::Item::toByteVectorList ( ) const
CoverArtList TagLib::MP4::Item::toCoverArtList ( ) const
int TagLib::MP4::Item::toInt ( ) const
IntPair TagLib::MP4::Item::toIntPair ( ) const
long long TagLib::MP4::Item::toLongLong ( ) const
StringList TagLib::MP4::Item::toStringList ( ) const
unsigned int TagLib::MP4::Item::toUInt ( ) const

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