TagLib::FileRef::FileTypeResolver Class Referenceabstract

A class for pluggable file type resolution. More...

#include <fileref.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual FilecreateFile (FileName fileName, bool readAudioProperties=true, AudioProperties::ReadStyle audioPropertiesStyle=AudioProperties::Average) const =0

Detailed Description

A class for pluggable file type resolution.

This class is used to add extend TagLib's very basic file name based file type resolution.

This can be accomplished with:

class MyFileTypeResolver : FileTypeResolver
return new TagLib::MPEG::File(fileName);
return 0;
FileRef::addFileTypeResolver(new MyFileTypeResolver);

Naturally a less contrived example would be slightly more complex. This can be used to plug in mime-type detection systems or to add new file types to TagLib.

Member Function Documentation

virtual File* TagLib::FileRef::FileTypeResolver::createFile ( FileName  fileName,
bool  readAudioProperties = true,
AudioProperties::ReadStyle  audioPropertiesStyle = AudioProperties::Average 
) const
pure virtual

This method must be overridden to provide an additional file type resolver. If the resolver is able to determine the file type it should return a valid File object; if not it should return 0.

The created file is then owned by the FileRef and should not be deleted. Deletion will happen automatically when the FileRef passes out of scope.

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