TagLib::StringList Member List

This is the complete list of members for TagLib::StringList, including all inherited members.

append(const String &s)TagLib::StringList
append(const StringList &l)TagLib::StringList
List< String >::append(const List< String > &l)TagLib::List< String >
back() constTagLib::List< String >
back()TagLib::List< String >
begin()TagLib::List< String >
begin() constTagLib::List< String >
clear()TagLib::List< String >
contains(const String &value) constTagLib::List< String >
detach()TagLib::List< String >protected
end()TagLib::List< String >
end() constTagLib::List< String >
erase(Iterator it)TagLib::List< String >
find(const String &value)TagLib::List< String >
find(const String &value) constTagLib::List< String >
front() constTagLib::List< String >
front()TagLib::List< String >
insert(Iterator it, const String &value)TagLib::List< String >
isEmpty() constTagLib::List< String >
List()TagLib::List< String >
List(const List< String > &l)TagLib::List< String >
operator!=(const List< String > &l) constTagLib::List< String >
operator<<(std::ostream &s, const TagLib::StringList &l)TagLib::StringListrelated
operator=(const List< String > &l)TagLib::List< String >
operator==(const List< String > &l) constTagLib::List< String >
operator[](unsigned int i)TagLib::List< String >
operator[](unsigned int i) constTagLib::List< String >
prepend(const String &item)TagLib::List< String >
prepend(const List< String > &l)TagLib::List< String >
setAutoDelete(bool autoDelete)TagLib::List< String >
size() constTagLib::List< String >
sortedInsert(const String &value, bool unique=false)TagLib::List< String >
split(const String &s, const String &pattern)TagLib::StringListstatic
StringList(const StringList &l)TagLib::StringList
StringList(const String &s)TagLib::StringList
StringList(const ByteVectorList &vl, String::Type t=String::Latin1)TagLib::StringList
toString(const String &separator=" ") const TagLib::StringList
~List()TagLib::List< String >virtual